Signage Materials

Below are the most commonly used materials in making our signs.


We also have a huge range of specialist materials such as;

  • PVC plastics
  • Foam core
  • Colour bond
  • Perspex 
  • Aluminum

 Once your sign is made we can install it for you, whether it's a banner, sticker or any other type of installation.


Composite Panel

Composite panel is a 3 - 5mm plastic, sandwiched by thin colour coated aluminium sheets, it is an extremely light, easy to install and long lasting product.


Sheet Metal

A more weighty material, signs made from sheet metal can sit flush to the surface they are installed to without a visible off standing edge.



Corflute is a corrugated plastic material that is cheap, light in weight and perfect for fence signs and displays.



Perfect for personal small business vehicles, magnets can be taken of and on as you please. We can also produce small fridge magnets and large, the common roll is 600mm in height.